Leave Management








Employees spend considerable time sending emails or creating lengthy processes for requesting leave. The leave management app simplifies and shortens the leave application process. Employees can apply for leave and check their progress while on the go. Managers can use this app to approve/reject leave requests and view team-level leave data for each employee. You can also maintain a leave balance database in accordance with company policies. Overall, the leave management app aids in striking a balance between managing leave requests and ensuring an adequate workforce for your business.

  • Leave application.
  • Leave approvals.
  • Detailed breakdown of the team’s leave status for managers.
  • Leave balance database.
  • Dashboard with reports and charts.

1. Click the Enquire button found on the app tile or the app landing page.

2. An enquiry form appears. Next, fill in the details of the features you want and your team’s size in the enquiry form.

3. Click Submit.

Kissflow’s support team will contact you to know more about your requirements.